Marine Tours

There are various options to choose from to explore the Pacific.

Explore the area by paddleboard. It’s one of the fastest growing sports in the world and a nice relaxing way to enjoy the scenery. Most of the tours are over reef so you get a good view. There are experienced instructors with good equipment that have different trips based on skill level. For those whose it’s their first or second time, they will take you to the more calm areas. For those that are more experienced, they have rentals as well.

Sport Fishing or Snorkeling
Experience the Pacific by boat with a local guide whether you plan on fishing, snorkeling, and/or enjoying the day on the water.

Dive to experience the underwater world. All experience levels welcome whether it’s your first time and doing an introduction dive or are already a certified diver. The dive school also teaches courses.

Isla Tortuga
Whether you hire out your own boat from Curú Wildlife Refuge or go on one of the scheduled tours, the famous Isla Tortuga is a great place to snorkel and enjoy the views.